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Known to most simply as “Cora Lou", this Minden native and resident is recognized for not only her talents as a professional folk artist but also as a teacher, wife, mother, grandmother and true product of a deep -rooted Minden family. Born in 1935 to Ed and Celeste Sibley Brown, Cora Lou has two siblings--one brother, Ed Brown and one sister, Mary Celeste Powers. Cora Lou is married to Ronald Robinson. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

Her childhood was what she calls “picture perfect.". She played from morning ’til night with the neighborhood children. Their lives followed a pattern. During the week they went to school, and each Saturday morning they listened to “Let’s Pretend” on the radio and that afternoon would walk to the “picture show” and then walk safely home. Each Sunday they went to Sunday school and then to church. She remembers the thrill of chasing lightning bugs at dusk while all the neighborhood parents sat outside and visited on their front porch. It was a simpler time in Minden, Louisiana, and for many of the people that grew up here.

Cora Lou Brown Robinson says her paintings are about “God and Country, Family, and Friends.” Many of her ideas for her paintings come from her childhood and all come from her heart. Her paintings have been featured all across the United States and no one appreciates her more than her hometown and what she does for them by creating their memories on canvas.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Bomb

Image Size 16 x 20
Price $30.00
Plus $5.00 Shipping and Handling

The year was 1968. The game, La. Tech Vs Northwestern at the State Fair. The score was 39-35-NSC. Fans were filing out of the stadium. Then it happened! As 25 seconds remained on the scoreboard, Terry Bradshaw dropped back from his 18 yard line, fired a pass to Ken Liberto on the Northwestern 40 yard line. Liberto, who caught the pass on the run, streaked into the end zone for the TD. To the delight and amazement of Tech fans, Tech won the game 42-39.

However, this painting is more than just a ballgame. It is a tribute to a classic. For many years in the life of a Tech or Northwestern student "State Fair Weekend" was the high-light of the year. But, sadly, it has gone the way of so many other good things and is no more. I hope this brings back as many fond memories to you as it did to me as I painted it.

Cora Lou Robinson

1 comment:

cferrand said...

Hi Cora Lou. It's Casey Ferrand. I met you today in Minden with Chris Broussard. I was just browsing through some of your pieces and this one caught my eye. I love all the detail and the story it tells. It was great meeting you today. I hope you enjoy the piece we worked on today. You can also check out the story I wrote on my blog a few minutes ago. Thanks again.